Top Tips to Beat Stress

Are you stressed?
Indecisive? Irritable? Trouble sleeping? Headaches? Migraines? Back pain? Anxious? Exhausted?

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then you may well be stressed.

The Problem with Stress
We weren’t designed to live in towns and cities or work in offices or factories … gathering berries and firewood is a far cry from the pace of 21st century living.

Our bodies can’t easily sustain the number, variety and constancy of stressors found in daily life. We work longer, commute further, shop more, stay awake longer and sleep much less than we did 100 years ago!

Pressure can be productive, but when demands and pressures become excessive they lead to stress. Stress over a long period of time may lead to mental and physical ill health and eventually our nervous system can totally break down. This is the body’s way of forcing us to relax and take care of our selves and can take months before we can re-enter our everyday lives.

Take Karen (44) for example. Karen juggles a demanding part-time job, raising two teenage daughters and is caring for her mother who has dementia. Karen couldn't understand why she began snapping at her husband, became tearful for no apparent reason, experienced headaches and stomach cramps.  Her G.P. advised her that she was stressed and suggested that she take anti depressants.  Karen decided to explore additional ways of managing her stress.

There are many people like Karen in Cumbria – it is now estimated that 1 in 6 people suffer from stress. Here at Carlisle Therapies we offer a range of therapies, classes and workshops designed to help you manage your stress. Below are our top 5 stress busting tips:

1. Book a course of Acupuncture
Many people find acupuncture effective not only for relieving their symptoms, but also it may identify and treat the root cause of stress.  Stress, or any extreme emotion, acts like a traffic jam, blocking the free flow of energy in the body. When under a lot of stress the body releases stress hormones which can have a negative effect. Through the insertion of ultra fine needles at chosen points on the body the acupuncturist aims to address these energy blockages.

Acupuncture has been found to be effective in treating various stress related conditions such as back pain, IBS, migraines, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression and insomnia.  Visit the Brish Acupuncture Council website to download a research factsheet on ‘Acupuncture and Stress’


"I was stressed-out and didn’t know where to turn. I’d been having terrible nightmares and the lack of good sleep was making me feel bad tempered and I couldn't concentrate on anything. I was turning into a not very nice person. A friend recommended Ruth and encouraged me to speak to her. I booked an appointment then and there. After the first session I had no more nightmares! I am sleeping so much better now and I am much nicer to be around. Ruth is warm and kind and gentle and really cares about the 'whole you'. Give it ago, I promise, acupuncture really does help!" - MW (48)

2. Massage away your Tension
If you are an employer that has noticed that your staff is stressed then our team of massage therapists at Carlisle Therapies offer corporate/on-site Massage – that means that we will come to your work place.

An Indian Head Massage or Acupressure Chair massage will not only de-stress but also re-vitalise you.  Carried out through clothes, the therapist will focus on the neck, shoulders, scalp, back and arms. Massage is excellent for alleviating the symptoms of stress such as tension, headaches, neck ache and insomnia.


"It felt such a luxury having the therapists come to us. We had about 20 minutes each and it was heaven! The tension in my shoulders dissolved and my eyes felt less strained. I thought I might feel tired afterwards, but quite the opposite – I felt revitalised!" - LG

3. Treat yourself to a Relaxation Massage
If you prefer to relax away from your work place then we recommend one of our relaxation massages.  Dedicated time for yourself, is not a waste of time!  Giving yourself permission to unwind and relax is essential to mind-body balance


"Martin's Top-To-Toe Eastern Massage is one of the best I have ever had.  I look forward to my end of week de-stress.  It's the perfect way to start my weekend." - ML

4. Attend a regular Yoga Class or Workshop
Our over-subscribed yoga classes and growing timetable is testament to the benefits of a regular yoga practice on body and mind.  Yoga is more than simply stretching and the breathing and meditative aspects of yoga are explored fully in our classes

If you can't attend a regular class we also run a programme of one-off, short yoga workshops on themes such as Insomnia and (inner) Peace.


"I recently attended a Peace workshop led by Jana (...) and would like to comment on my experience. The workshop was as advertised, in that it left me feeling at Peace. The perfect combination of postures, meditation and relaxation was magical. I highly recommend Jana as a teacher of great knowledge, skill and wisdom. You leave Jana’s class or workshop feeling calmer and truly amazing. On a more personal note, she continues to help me on a journey to improved health and contentment. I can’t thank her enough." - Lisa

5. Sign up to our next Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress Group Course
Start 2017 Mindfully by commiting to our Mindfulness for Stress Course