Alison Lindsay
Maternity & Reproductive ReflexologyAlison Lindsay
BSc (Hons), BMid (Hons), RM, MAR, MARR

Choosing the right antenatal course can make all the difference to your birth preparation and experience of pregnancy. Learning hypnobirthing is an opportunity for you and your birth partner to feel empowered and supported, in order to achieve a positive birth for you both.

Courses here at Carlisle Therapies/The Yoga Rooms are led by an experienced local midwife, Alison Lindsay.

Alison brings her many years of midwifery practice and birth education experience and "delivers" a unique and informative course which will explain to you the process of birth, how to manage contractions, write a birth plan and even how to get breastfeeding off to a good start.

Classes are open to everyone, no matter what type of birth you are planning for. Unlike traditional antenatal courses which can focus on what might go wrong, hypnobirthing gives you the knowledge to prevent problems, and the skills to deal with an unexpected change of plan.

Groups are welcoming, informal, inclusive and engaging with no more than six couples at a time to ensure the highest quality education for you all. You and your birth partner(s) will build confidence for birth, while forming your own unique support network for baby and beyond.

  • Birthers and birth partners can all benefit from access to:
  • 12 hours of face to face teaching in small groups
  • An exclusive hypnobirthing workbook
  • Online video library
  • Relaxation mp3s for birth, postnatal recovery and beyond
  • Hundreds of positive birth images and affirmations
  • Ongoing group and 1:1 support from booking right through to after your baby is born, via email, phone and/or social media
  • A unique "goodie box" including affirmations, product samples, gifts and exclusive discounts
  • Unlimited support for changes in circumstance, including in the event of labour induction, planned caesarean, or other changes to your birthing plans.

Group Hypnobirthing Course Dates
Alison recommends taking a hypnobirthing course any time after 20 weeks of pregnancy, but ideally before 36 weeks. Hypnobirthing classes are just the beginning of your journey to a more positive birth experience and will give you lifelong skills. Some couples choose to join earlier and some right up until their due date!

Course dates are advertised on Alison's own website, and via our Events and Social Media pages.

"My husband and I completed a hypnobirthing course with Ali and I could not recommend her more. Not only was I fully prepared for birth but she helped with my day to day anxieties of pregnancy. When faced with an induction she continued to support me and helped create a list of questions to ask so that I felt comfortable going forward if needed. Without Ali (and my husband) I wouldn’t have felt so empowered after a not so to plan birth."