Clinical Hypnotherapy is a commonly misunderstood topic and sometimes confused with Stage Hypnosis - whereby people seemingly lose control.  Stage Hypnosis, performed on perhaps Television or at a social event can be an excellent way of being entertained. BUT it is very different to Clinical Hypnotherapy.

With Clinical Hypnotherapy:
Patients are seen in private and during a totally confidential discussion you will be able to discuss your particular situation in as much detail as you feel comfortable with.  During a Hypnotherapy consultation you will be very comfortable and remain in control at all times. The sensation is quite similar to a "daydream" and is perfectly safe with no side effects.  Hypnotherapists train over several years to become fully qualified and maintain their knowledge by continuing professional development.  Qualified Hypnotherapists are very often members of professional organisations, are highly trained and insured to practice professionally.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work
OK, let's try to understand how it works, in simple terms.  If you drive a car, have you ever reached the end of your journey and can't remember how you got there? Or parts of the journey are missing?  Yes?  Well, like most people, you enter a mild state of Hypnosis several times a day, this “daydreaming state”. It is commonly thought that our mind has two "halves" a Conscious and a Sub-conscious.  Now, on a familiar journey, your "sub-conscious" knows the way there, you don't have to "think" about whether you are going to go left or right at the next junction.


This frees the mind to do other things - thinking about your job, family, holidays or whatever is important to you at that time.  Your sub-conscious is there to protect you, ensuring you are safe. If a car pulled out in front of you, or if there were danger up ahead - your sub-conscious would bring you "back" and let your conscious mind deal with the problem.  Our sub-conscious actually represents 89% of our mind and this is why habits can be so difficult to break, as we only have 11% to try to change it with (our conscious mind).  As a result our sub-conscious is the most powerful part of our mind.  Whilst you have been reading this, you have been breathing, your heart has been beating and I bet that not one of you thought about it!   Guess what - that was your sub-conscious!

Well it's actually very clever really, like a computer that you can program. These programs keep us alive, but they can also cause us problems.  These problems are varied and very individual but include things such as smoking, over-eating, lack of confidence etc.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Stress
Stress is a very common part of modern living and recognised as a key contributor for High Blood Pressure, Heart Attacks and Cancer together with many other serious illnesses.

It affects most people at some stage as life can present challenges which can seem overwhelming – work, relationships, family, big changes and bereavement can all cause symptoms of stress, which include:poor sleep, sweating / shaking, panic attacks, low mood and feeling down, aggressiveness, inability to think and concentrate, feelings of loneliness or despair.

In fact 1 in 4 appointments with GPs are for stress and anxiety symptoms, which is why we have seen a dramatic increase in the prescription of Anti-depressants such as Prozac and Seroxat.

Our Hypnotherapy sessions will start to change the way in which you feel stress plays on your life. Effective relaxation and strategies for dealing with stress form part of this work enabling you to be calmer and in control again.

This type of work is the most common that Hypnotherapy is used for, helping people through stressful times, seeking alternatives to Anti-depressants or as part of a program of reducing medication in conjunction with your GP.

Very quickly you will start to notice changes and improvements in how you are feeling – rebuilding confidence, self-esteem and motivation.

Dr. Richard Bradley runs a regular weekly hypnotherapy surgery from Carlisle Therapies on a Wednesday.

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