Reiki is a gentle, yet effective therapy to aid relaxation, reduce anxiety, relieve stress and help boost your immune system. As Reiki helps relax your body and calm your mind, it helps whether you are experiencing an illness, stress or anxieties.

When you have a Reiki session, you remain fully clothed and can receive Reiki on a couch or seated, whatever is most comfortable for you. By placing their hands on, or near your body, Reiki energy flows through the therapist’s hands to help boost your own energy levels. This energy is often felt as a warmth, a pleasant tingling or a gentle wave sensation.

Most people experience a deep sense of relaxation and calm when they receive Reiki. Some experience a reduction in physical symptoms as well as relief of emotional concerns. Reiki can also aid restful sleep, calm the mind and boost your energy levels.

Reiki is now widely recognized as an effective Complementary Therapy, working well alongside conventional medicine and other therapies.

Reiki’s gentle energy can be experienced safely by people of all ages, including babies, children, the frail and elderly as well as pregnant women.

Do talk to your GP if you have any concerns regarding your health and Reiki treatments.