Alison Lindsay
BSc (Hons), BMid (Hons), RM, MAR, MARR
Hypnobirthing, Maternity Reflexology, Reproductive Reflexologist

Specialist Reproductive Reflexology Services are offered here at Carlisle Therapies by Alison Lindsay, an expert in fertility and female health.

Reproductive Reflexology (also known as Reproflexology™) is a highly specialist form of reflexology which can be used to enhance your natural fertility, or alongside assisted conception methods including Clomid, IUI, IVF and ICSI. It can be applied in cases of reproductive and period health issues (for example endometriosis or PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome), whether or not you are trying to conceive.

Reproflexology’s success comes in part from the way traditional reflexology techniques are combined with expert holistic guidance to improve reproductive health in both male and female clients. Reproflexologists undergo extensive training covering not only fertility support but also basic nutritional advice, menstrual health, fertility tracking and lifestyle changes to support conception. Alison can help you to interpret, improve and/or ask for appropriate medical tests and treatments, as well as providing vital emotional support and stress relief. She works with individuals and also with couples.

Reproductive Reflexology is recommended not as an alternative to medical support, but as a complementary service, and Alison welcomes opportunities to work in collaboration with your medical team. These techniques can also be used to support those using surrogacy, or donors during gamete retrieval, and Alison has attended additional training to ensure her services are inclusive regardless of culture, gender or status.

Alison is currently the only provider of Reproductive Reflexology in Cumbria, and is also a Registered Midwife, Birth Educator and Member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists. She holds regular clinics at our therapy rooms in Carlisle.